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Amrop doradza najbardziej dynamicznym i zmieniającym się organizacjom na świecie w identyfikacji oraz poszukiwaniu Liderów Przyszłości – gotowych na zmiany i posiadających doświadczenie w pracy na rynkach międzynarodowych. Działając z ponad 80 biur, Amrop jest jedną z największych na świecie organizacji partnerskich executive search.

A New Model For Digital Competencies | CULTURE

As Peter Drucker famously said: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The fast-moving and complex environment of digitization is no exception to the rule. For a digital strategy to grow and flourish, it must be rooted in a working culture that is developed and exemplified by a progressive CIO.

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Case Study: Independent Directors in Chile

All over the world, the role of independent directors is gaining ground: in terms of not only the letter but the spirit of regulation. Under Chilean corporate governance law, directorships of listed companies must be renewed or replaced every three years. The country’s six Pension Funds companies, grouped into the Asociación AFP Chile, are no exception.

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Personal Governance 5

The CEO of a leading airline is hospitalized following a heart attack. The CEO of a global auto manufacturer collapses on stage after a “period of extensive travel.” And as a Canadian pharmaceuticals major faces criticism from lawmakers and two federal probes, its CEO is hospitalized with pneumonia. All three executives were aged under 60. And all three incidents occurred in the space of a year.

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Welcome to the Flight Deck - The Human Dimension of Globalizing Mid-Caps

This report is your personal invitation to enter the Flight Deck of today’s globalizing mid-caps. To hear what C-suite leaders are confidentially revealing - in their own words.

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