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Amrop doradza najbardziej dynamicznym i zmieniającym się organizacjom na świecie w identyfikacji oraz poszukiwaniu Liderów Przyszłości – gotowych na zmiany i posiadających doświadczenie w pracy na rynkach międzynarodowych. Działając z ponad 80 biur, Amrop jest jedną z największych na świecie organizacji partnerskich executive search.

Case Study: Independent Directors in Chile

All over the world, the role of independent directors is gaining ground: in terms of not only the letter but the spirit of regulation. Under Chilean corporate governance law, directorships of listed companies must be renewed or replaced every three years. The country’s six Pension Funds companies, grouped into the Asociación AFP Chile, are no exception.

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Wise Leadership and AI

Intelligent behavior has long been considered a uniquely human attribute. But as computer science and IT networks progress exponentially, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly standing out as the transformational technology of our age. From industry 4.0 outwards, human and artificial intelligence may compete for jobs. But they will increasingly collaborate and complement each other. What kind of leadership will be needed to make that happen? Here is our summary.

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Personal Governance I: The Cornerstone of Corporate Governance and Leadership

Trust in leadership is an uphill struggle. The business press still carries too many tales of incompetence, negligence or even malpractice. Other reports paint a grim picture of executives whose health, private lives and values are collapsing under the weight of information and work overload. How can senior managers make a change for the better in their own lives and, by association, in Corporate Leadership and Governance?

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Joining a Storm-hit Crew - Tips for Managing the Executive's Onboarding

Surprising though it may seem at the current time, senior executives are continuing to accept job offers, and are getting to sit in their new chairs for the first time. This said, they’re more likely to be occupying their old chairs at home, preparing meals and homeschooling the kids. How can we manage onboarding in these circumstances?

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