Business Beyond Profit - A Conversation with Ronald Seeliger of Hemofarm

"Companies need to make a profit, just as humans need to breathe - but if it's just about breathing, your life is actually quite boring and you're wasting it."

Hemofarm is the leading pharmaceutical company in Serbia. Its most important task is caring about people’s health with the core activity of manufacturing high quality, efficient, safe and affordable pharmaceutical products.

Although very important for business, technology, manufacturing processes, profits and costs are not Hemofarm’s only focus. Through its products, Hemofarm enters people’s homes on a daily basis, and this is why trust is very important. The overall approach to business in Hemofarm is based on four key values: care, quality, availability and trust, unified in their corporate slogan “All the best!”.

Amrop Consultant Sladjana Ginic spoke with Dr. Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm's CEO and VP Southeast Europe for STADA Group, about Hemofarm and its future path, and about the broader pharmaceutical industry in Serbia.

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